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IdeaWeavers Logo

IdeaWeavers Logo

In working with Bill and his team at IdeaWeavers, we created a logo design that referenced a simple, elegant technology solution that incorporated various business functions in one place. Working with some muted but strong colors creates a feeling of sophistication while showing a variety of colors, indicating the creativity that goes into each custom solution.


IdeaWeavers creates business solutions so that companies can focus on getting the job done well. We created their logo to reflect the love they have for learning about each business individually and creating a custom solution that weaves together the different parts of a company’s business needs into a single, simple technology solution.


As with most of our logo design projects, we began with hand-sketching our ideas and refined them to the point of creating a final system of logos, complete with a set of horizontal and vertical layouts, a black only version, a white only version, a grayscale version and icon and text-only versions. We also exported about 30 different file types that IdeaWeavers can us in both print and digital applications.


After completing their Logo Design Package, we worked with IdeaWeavers to complete their Stationery Package.