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Knowledge Advisory Group Branding

Knowledge Advisory Group Branding

In 2010, Trina Willard founded Knowledge Advisory Group to help nonprofits, government agencies and small businesses maximize their resources, optimize their services and improve their customer satisfaction. A Virginia-certified, woman-owned small business, they’re known as “data geeks with people skills.” They came to us to refresh their outdated logo to align more with their modern, data-oriented mission.


To do this, we updated the logo fonts and colors and captured a sense of the original logo’s idea in a more updated format. The original logo had lots of parts that would become distorted at a small size. We captured a sense of the brand but simplified the logo quite a bit while creating a system of marks that could be used in various sizes and orientations. We used the dots, size changes and color changes to reference data points and movement. We expanded the color scheme to include several tones of green and blue, which the client used as inspiration for updating their office space. The colors and branding elements from their new logo were used to create their new stationery suite, brochure and postcard which the company sent out to announce their new branding. We curated several stock photography options to show the collaboration Knowledge Advisory Group creates with clients and to demonstrate the sense of fun they have for data analytics.




  • Small Business Branding
  • Stationery Suite
  • Brochure & Postcard

Brochure & Postcard, Logos, Stationery