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Point Two Consulting Logo

Point Two Consulting Logo

We worked with this client in partnership with a naming expert. The name of this company comes from the owner’s belief that the last bit of a long race like a 10k (6.2) or marathon (26.2) can be the toughest portion. That .2 can make or break a race and she coaches executives to really tap into the extra bit of their potential to make the most impact in their businesses.

Point Two Consulting is a business coaching company focused on making connections with clients and encouraging them through positive reinforcement. When they go the extra mile for individual growth and success, it leads to internal growth within their companies. The P and the way the number 2 curves around it references the shape of a running track. The roundness on the fonts and bright colors create a sense of forward motion and energy.

After finishing their logo, Point Two came back for a 1-page WordPress website.