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Sugar Fix Bakery

We absolutely adore Sugar Fix Bakery! Their cookies aren’t just cute – their totally delicious and the SLICE team has become some of the biggest Sugar Fix fans around!


When Melinda Foster started her home based business, she had no idea of how rapidly the demand would grow for her colorful cookies. Due to the success of her sweets, she decided it was time to move operations from her home to a storefront. Melinda chose a quaint and cozy location to fit her business tucked away in Ashland, Virginia. Melinda had the steady business, but really wanted a fabulous logo to leverage her brand and product. The decision to seek creative insight and guidance led to a business relationship that has developed into much more than rebranding.


Here’s what we kept in mind while designing the new logo:

  • the shape of the logo depicts the shape of the cookies made at Sugar Fix
  • the background has some texture to it, to give the logo depth and mimic the chalk board feel that the client wanted
  • the round and cursive type face font almost looks as if it is icing on the cookie, giving off a friendly and light vibe
  • graphics chosen were utensils used in a bakery to make the cookies, giving a visual of the work that goes into these delicious treats
  • the colors chosen were a combination of a playful pink, to appear as icing, and a tan or beige to signify the cookie

After the new logo was solidified, we designed a SLICE 5-Page WordPress Website which has grown into a fuller website offering an ordering process and several visuals depicting all the services and cookies that the bakery offers.


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